Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finishing the drawing titled: "Behind the bush 2"

With this wonderfull drawing of Boticelli, i desided to crown my composition. 
The three floating angelic figures create a feeling of cohesiviness throughout the work, while with their wind blown, reachly pleated, tunics and curly hair, add some lightness to the rather densely depicted ornations of the drawing

Tha drawing was exhibited among others of great Italian masters, at the beginning of 1930 in rooms VII and VIII and in the Architectural Room at Burlington House in London.

Boticelli (Alessandro Filipepi, called ) b.1444  d.1510   Florence, Pisa, Florence, Rome
"Three Angels" Pen and ink on pink-tinted paper, heightened with white. Arched top (10,2X23,5 cm)